Four NFSC beneficiaries ( Mariam. A.- 11 years, Emmanuel. N. -10 years, Claire. N. -12 years, Ruth. N. -13 years) joined fellow young people at the 1st youth pediatric HIV/AIDS conference at Hotel Africana. With support of the Child Welfare Manager – Njuki Allan and Peer Support leader –Suubi Ruth; the children participated in group work, shared experiences, interacted with other children from various institutions, attended inspirational sessions and contributed to the Youth Action Plan which was to be presented in the main conference. NFSC officers (Suubi Ruth, Allan Njuki and Moses Nsubuga) wrote an abstract on PEER LED INNOVATIONS HIV/AIDS TREATMENT CARE AND SUPPORT- Theme: Ignorance about Highly Active Anti- Retro viral therapy leads to poor adherence among the youth which was presented by Suubi Ruth

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