FOCUS aims to build the capacity of extended families in Uganda to look after the children of their deceased relatives, thereby helping to keep children in their communities and prevent them from being sent away to orphanages.

FOCUS supports the relief of poverty of orphans and vulnerable children and young people in Uganda and their extended family carers through raising funds to support:

breakfast feeding centres, so that school-aged children will be better prepared to learn at school

after-school clubs that support the development of the children’s education, their social and emotional development, and widen their access to leisure opportunities We also hope to facilitate stronger links between the people of Scotland and Uganda so our secondary objective is to support the advancement of citizenship and community development through:

facilitating links between young people in Scotland and young people in Uganda
promoting opportunities for adults and young people from Scotland to participate in volunteer opportunities, thereby raising their awareness of global issues and increasing their opportunities for personal development and life skills, while providing development opportunities for the local communities they visit.