Do you have what it takes? NFSC needs volunteers! Whether you can work in Uganda or elsewhere, we are committed to providing quality opportunities to use your given skills to make a meaningful difference in the lives of NFSC children and families.

Over the years we have had a number of high school students, graduate students, medical students, and other volunteers work at our program site in rural Uganda. Others have volunteered their services right from their hometowns in the US and Europe.

Are you are interested in volunteering for a Boston-based position? Please email us  or contact us in other means with a description of your skills, interests, and availability. We specifically seek talented individuals who can help in report and grant writing, web page design and management, event planning, fundraising.

Our supervision can often help fulfill requirements for university internships, practicum experiences and field placements at the undergraduate and graduate level. Former volunteers have gone on to study at Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health as well as Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health, among others.