Mildmay is an international HIV+AIDS charity, specialising in care, training and service development. Our vision is ofa world in which everyone with HIV can have life in all its fullness.Children are referred to our day care service for the management of recurrent and chronic medical conditions as well as psychosocial support. More serious cases will be referred to the residential unit, Kiddukiro hospital. Less serious cases continue to receive medical treatment via the inpatients clinics onsite.The common conditions that children present with, as a result of being HIV positive, include: severe malaria, persistent diarrhoea, severe malnutrition, pneumonia, persistent skin conditions, fever, vomiting, dehydration and difficulty in breathing.

Antiretroviral Drugs (ARVs)
ARVs have undoubtedly revolutionised the care of people living with HIV, allowing them to live longer and healthier lives. While ARVs do not represent a cure, they have generally lengthened survival rates. However, this has presented increasing challenges across the whole interdisciplinary spectrum as we now manage what is becoming a chronic disease.

ARVs have become much more accessible through former President Bush’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR). However, before the Mildmay team can place a child on ARVs they have to be assured that the child can adhere to the strict drug regime which must be taken on a daily basis. Having a supportive and fully trained carer is essential. For children who have been orphaned this can present problems. Increasing numbers of children are now able to access these drugs and enjoy a happy and healthy life, even returning to school to continue their education.