The Nurture Africa Health Centre provides quality specialist paediatric HIV and primary health treatment to the most vulnerable children and their HIV infected parents/guardians in Wakiso District, Uganda.

Nurture Africa directly supports the individual educational needs of over 5000 children in all levels of education in Uganda. Working with our partners, “Lessons for Life Foundation” we are taking a “Whole School” approach with four Government schools in which we are working with all stakeholders who impact upon a childs education (local government, parents, all school staff and the children themselves) in order to provide a better quality of education for more then 4000 children within these schools.

Nurture Africa does not believe in hand-outs. Instead we empower parents/guardians to help themselves. Guardians of the children from our HIV Community and Education Enablement Projects are given training on how to start or develop an income generating activity. The guardian is also given a micro finance loan in order to make their family self- sufficient and break the cycle of poverty that exists in their own lives.