Rosette Serwanga, Founder of NFSC, speaks eight different languages and has worked in a half dozen countries. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in Kenya, Ms. Serwanga received a Master’s in Science degree in International Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. From 2003 to 2005 she served as the first female president of the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA). She has worked on several community development initiatives including the Canadian University Services Overseas and the Center for Rural Integrated Environmental Development in Ghana. Ms. Serwanga is the recipient of the 2003 Peter Medoff Award and the 2004 Cambridge Cares About AIDS Illuminator Award. Ms Serwanga is the co founder of the African Community Health Initiative and functioned as their program manager for several years. Ms. Serwanga founded the Namugongo Fund for Special Children, where she continues to strive for enhanced supports to the orphans and vulnerable children that NFSC serves in Uganda. Born and raised in Namugongo, Uganda, Ms. Serwanga currently resides in Massachusetts where, in addition to her commitments to NFSC, she works as a program manager at JRI Health in Boston. She is committed to a future without AIDS and believes in power of a community-based response.

The Program Manager oversees the day-to-day running of the program. S/he is responsible for making sure that the clinic and the centers are providing the services to the children. S/he does home visits and works with the team leaders. She also works on building relationships with the volunteers, guardians, children and the community.

The Nurses run the clinic and conducts home visits with the program manager. They treat minor ailments and refer the complex cases to hospitals. They conduct wellness clinics every end of school vacation.

The Program Assistant coordinates activities between the breakfast centers and assists the Program Manager as needed. They are responsible for delivering supplies to the centers and also helps the volunteers with attendance record keeping.

The After School Program Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of all aspects of the program. They work with the Program Manager to recruit volunteers and to ensure smooth running of the program.

The NFSC Volunteers are the unsung heroes of the program. They are a group of committed community members who provide an array of services for NFSC – whether it is getting up at 4am each morning to cook breakfast, tutoring children six days per week, or advising NFSC on the needs of the children in the community.
Board of Directors

NFSC is comprised of two Boards of Directors. NFSC-Uganda is the decision-making body for on-the-ground program management, delivery of services, and strategic planning. NFSC-USA is a Boston-Based non-governmental agency with 501c(3) status; its primary focus as is to strategically use its professional and social networks for the purposes of research and advocacy while serving as the fundraising arm of their Ugandan counterpart.


David Sserunjogi, Chairperson, is a management consultant. He worked for Celtel Mobile Phone company for several years before starting his private practice. He is married with 4 children and breeds dogs as a hobby.

Johnson Masiko, Vice Chairperson, is a Project Planning and Management specialist who worked with TASO for 12 years before moving on to the Inter Religious Council of Uganda as the Chief Executive.

Christine Wamala, Secretary, has been an executive administrative assistant with several companies. She currently works with a construction company based in Kampala, Uganda. She is a mother of 3 boys as well as a grandmother. She enjoys Bible study and runs a Sunday school for young children.

George Kakooza, Treasurer, is a finance guy and works with the Ministry of Finance as an auditor. He sits on several boards in the community.

Bona Okwenje, Member, is a mother of one as well as an artist who loves to design different fashionable accessories such as necklaces, earrings and leather sandals.

Florence Kanyike, Member, has extensive experience in youth work, gender and education, rural social and community development, as well as organizational management. She is an initiator and creator of innovations in development work. She worked with Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE) Uganda for 8 years before moving on a to a National Education Development program.

Rosette Serwanga, NFSC President, is the founder and current President of NFSC. She began the program in 2000 and has administered the program from the USA where she lives. Ms. Serwanga has a graduate degree in community development and is project manager within the JRI-Center for Training and Professional Development.

Mr. Kiguli, Community Representative, works with Makerere University. He is a local leader (LC1) in Kyaliwajjala.

Nalongo Serwanga is a Community Representative. “Nalongo” literally means “mother of twins.” She comes from a family of 12 siblings. Her parents were evangelists who traveled all over East Africa. She got married in 1960 and had 9 children (including a set of twins). In the 60’s and 70’s she ran a day care center out of her home. Stephen, her 8th child, was killed in an accident at age 7 and another son, Patrick, died in 2000 at 38 years old from HIV/AIDS complications. After raising her own children she is now tasked with raising her grand children who are double orphaned. She loves children.


Daniel Curley, President, is an Organization Development Consultant and CEO Coach, Director of Admin & Finance for JRI Health

Kurt Reynolds, Clerk, is a Licensed Art Therapist, LMHC, LSW and creator of AIDS Housing in New England, currently an antique/art dealer and collector. Mr. Reynolds is also a well known listed artist and political activist in the field of HIV/AIDS.

Steven Rumpler, Treasurer, works with the City of Boston, Department of Neighborhood Development on large scale real estate projects that generate jobs in the underserved communities of the City.

Kimberly Collins, Member, recently completed her medical degree and is practicing medicine in Washington State. Ms. Collins volunteered at the Namugongo Fund for many months during her medical school training.

Schiller Diny, Member, began with NFSC as a volunteer working on creating a CD/PSA during his teaching degree program. Currently Mr. Diny has completed his degree and is a teacher within Boston Public Schools.

Donna Mancusi, Member, has volunteered her time to investigate funding opportunities within the USA. She is a former manager of human service programs for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Jacquie and Al Rodgers, Members, founded and manage a non-profit call Global Goods. Both travel extensively around the world buying fair-trade goods, reselling them and using the money earned to support various community building programs in three countries.

Rosette Serwanga, NFSC Director, is the founder and current President of NFSC. She began the program in 2000 and has administered the program from the USA where she lives. Ms. Serwanga has a graduate degree in community development and is project manager within the JRI-Center for Training and Professional Development.

Bruce Trager, Esq., Member, is an Assistant District Attorney for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He lives in Waltham, MA with his wife and two daughters.

Sergut Wolde-Yohannes, Member, is deeply involved in cross-cultural public health initiatives though Boston University and Boston Public Health Commission. Her prior work was at the New England Research Institute. In her spare time as a dedicated anti-FGM activist, and her curriculum about excision is widely used by medical schools in the United States today.