Where We Work

NFSC program site is located in Uganda’s Wakiso District. A large degree of regional variation exists within the NFSC’s multiple program sites; some sites are peri-urban while others are distinctly rural.

The country’s capital city of Kampala is a 45-minute drive from the NFSC clinic. Two parishes comprise the catchment area for families served by NFSC program activities.

The general clinic is located within the Kyaliwajjala (Chal-ee-wah-jel-ah) parish, and includes a bustling trading center, which serves as the hub for economic activity for the immediate region. Small businesses – restaurants, supply shops, and roadside food stands – cater to the surrounding village populations. Kira, NFSC’s other parish, is comprised of several small villages containing the remaining breakfast centers and after school programs and are evermore rural.